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the straight neck of the flask, whilst the thermometer is fixed
in the second neck, which is attached to the condenser Trie
stream of air-bubbles is regulated by the clip. Instead of trie


long manometer shown in Fig. 56, a more compact, and, for
low pressures, a more convenient form is shown in Fig". 5^-
If the distillate has to be separated into fractions, it is unde-
sirable to interrupt the boiling. Various forms of apparatus
for effecting this object are shown in Figs. 5961. Tfre
apparatus (Fig. 59) consists of a double receiver a and b ; c and
e are ordinary two-way taps, whilst d is a three-way tap pierced
lengthwise and crosswise as shown in section at f. Trie

FIG. do.

FIG. 61.

aspirator is attached to the limb marked with the arrow. During"
the distillation the taps c and d connect the apparatus with, trie
aspirator whilst e is closed. The distillate collects in a. Wrien
this fraction is to be removed, c is closed and e is opened. Tlie